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Last year we launched Margin Trading on the Exchange, giving users in over 150 supported countries the ability to trade with up to 5x leverage.

Today, we’re announcing a unique promotion that further increases your trading impact on the Exchange.

Get up to 5x leverage with 0% interest

For the full month of February 2022, get up to 5x leverage on all supported Margin Trading pairs with 0% interest.

Terms and conditions apply.

Getting started is simple:

  1. Log in to the Exchange.
  2. In the trade ticket, select Margin (you’ll have to enable Margin Trading your first time).
  3. Select Buy or Sell.
  4. Select Market or Limit order.
  5. Enter the Amount you wish to trade.
  6. Select between 2x and 5x leverage for your trade (the higher the leverage the higher the risk. Learn how to manage risk).
  7. Select your Collateral Type and review your Collateral Amount (this is the balance you must put up to open the position).
  8. Optional: Set a Stop Loss price level to automatically close out unprofitable positions and manage your downside risk.
  9. Place order.

You can review detailed instructions in our Support Center.

Who is eligible for Margin Trading?

Margin Trading is currently supported for Gold-verified users, but is not currently available in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, The Netherlands, and select other countries.

Margin Trading is currently available for BTC-USD, BTC-USDT, ETH-USD, and ETH-USDT.

To learn more about Margin Trading, please visit our Support Center.

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